Rupa Agency has been serving the residents of NYC with the best nannies for the last 15 years and is trusted by thousands.

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Come to us for nannies, be it live-in, live-out, housekeeper, special needs care, part-time, maternity, summer, shared, holiday, night, male nanny or even co-nanny. We are your gateway to thrive in the workplace while your home and children receive extensive care.

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Rupa, a competent nanny agency, has been carrying a reputation in the Nepalese community in New York for the last 16 years.  We have served over 55 thousand people up until now and the numbers are growing everyday.

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Rupa has established an authentic network to inquire into the past records of the nanny candidates from the Nepalese community, even in their native lands. Our recommendation adds ultimate credibility to their honest personality.


Highest quality of efficiency has put us ahead of our competitors here in New York. We never compromise with experience and training. Families and nannies keep close contact with Rupa as we know exactly what they need.

24X7 Service

Rupa has established a 24/7 support mechanism as this profession calls for both day and night shifts. You will find us all the seasons for all the reasons. Do not feel shy to knock us. We welcome it no matter how your demand sounds.

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Rupa Agency

We fully realize your demand for the best nanny to get along with your busy New York life.  We not only introduce you with the best nannies but also guide you to manage the best out of them. Rupa custom prepares the nannies with proper training and education to suit your exclusive requirements. Dedicated nannies put their confidence in us because we care and present them only the top job offers.

Why Rupa Agency

New Yorkers fully confide in Rupa for its unwavering support to the families with dedicated nannies.

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Superior experience and training lands you on executive nanny jobs with amazing perks.
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    Rupa Agency prioritizes only the experienced nannies with impeccable job records. We prefer dedication and qualification above everything else. CPR, baby nursing and several other mandatory training smoothly glides our nannies past all weather. Get in touch with them right now.


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    The first few weeks could be a tremendous challenge with an infant. The parents are usually awestruck with loads of care and lack of rest. It becomes way more difficult, considering physical and mental pressures. Contact us for the perfect baby nurse for your family.
    So many parents might go over the edge, during these delicate times. A baby nurse or special care specialist (NCS) exclusively fits into this scenario with an extra pair of hands and a competent mind.
    Call us for the best baby nurse in NYC:

    Rupa Agency maintains contact with the top-performing baby nurses in New York. We offer the highest certified newborn care specialists. Stunning references and excellent training records speak for their exceptional qualifications. Talk with our specialists to figure out the perfect baby nurse for your family.

    Our NCSs are versed in first aid care as well as infant CPR. They are also good at dealing with excessive crying, managing temper tantrums, and establishing perfect schedules for the family. In short, you can rely on our care specialists for all aspects related to a newborn.

    Besides, she provides health education and support for your family. She also grooms the husband about what to expect in the coming days. By this time, you can catch your breath. So the initial period turns out to be a breeze for you.

    What is a baby nurse?

    A baby nurse is an expert in infant care and a great help for the parents. She assists in overcoming the hurdles of the first few weeks after the baby is born. She is also called a night nurse, newborn care specialist, or overnight caregiver.
    Normally, they attend to the baby’s needs at night. But they might also be requested to stay round the clock. If requested so, she would sleep only when the baby falls asleep.

    Who needs a baby nurse?

    All new parents can tap into the resourcefulness of a newborn care specialist (NCS). Her contributions are vital to restore the health of the mother. First time parents are likely to lose track of routine and daily life schedules during the first few weeks. A baby nurse is immensely useful for them.

    Multiple and premature babies pose greater challenges which could eventually overwhelm any family. Handling them requires specialized skills and techniques. An NCS comes with all this expertise.

    She helps establish sound eating and sleeping habits. New parents are unlikely to master these processes from the very beginning. The baby nurse walks you through it step by step.

    Lack of parenting competence should not disturb the necessary care and maintenance of the baby. You need a baby nurse in case you are looking for greater support, superior sanitation, and premium quality childcare.

    What does a baby nurse do?

    A night nurse feeds the baby and changes it. The primary goal is to allow the parents to have their much-needed rest. So, the nurse is expected to conduct all kinds of baby-related tasks. She makes sure that the parents are disturbed as little as possible.

    She helps set up sound sleeping and feeding habits of the infant. A night nurse is an expert in soothing the baby and thus keeps the environment free of constant cries. She bathes and changes the child as per requirement.

    They can provide CPR and special needs related assistance to the infant as well. The family gets habituated to a certain schedule, thanks to her immense assistance.

    How much is the cost of a baby nurse?

    Usually, the hourly rate of a night nurse stands in between $25-$45. Depending on the service area, the cost may significantly fluctuate. For example, you will even be charged $80 in many metropolitan cities.

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    Special instructions for Covid-19

    As the COVID pandemic has menacingly hit the USA, we advise the jobseekers or nannies wear masks prior to entering their job place. They should maintain social distances and follow through all personal hygiene guidelines.

    Families usually express their concerns regarding how we train our nannies on COVID safety. They also enquire about whether the nanny is, in some way, exposed to the virus or showing symptoms of it.

    Well, we facilitate a COVID screening process before they are sent out to a family for a job interview. Rupa Agency undertakes all necessary precautions in order to ensure the safest possible environment for all parties. We are highly vigilant in this regard.

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    CPR certification is the primary requirement for nanny jobs. One may wonder about its vitality for a nanny. We are going to explore the issue in detail.