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Rupa Employment Agency has been serving the residents of NYC with job placements for the last 15 years and earned the respect of the communities here. Finding a new job can easily drain your energy and motivation. Contrarily, the hunt for topnotch employees costs substantial time and money. What is the perfect way out of this conundrum? Of course, our job placement agency in NYC stands out as the best reliable partner in hiring and job searching.


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Drug-free workplaces are the latest thing for many companies in NYC. It helps maintain a healthy work environment for the employees.
Elderly care
Kitchen Helpers
Are you the next family for a reliable nanny?

Rupa Employment Agency is good at staffing both temporary and permanent jobs. Be it a one day assignment or a six month long project assistance, you need our hand to match your requirements. The biggest companies in NYC maintain sound relationships with us. Whether they need an instant backup of 100 employees or a future candidate for a coveted post, we fill them up.

Job seekers trust us with their future mostly because of our immeasurable experience and expertise in the field. An unemployed person is very often an unsecured one due to the essential uncertainties. We fathom their capability, show them the right track, suggest career developing courses as well tools and finally land them to their targeted jobs.

We have outlined flexible office hours for ourselves as it may be hard for you to reach us in-person if you are already attending another job. Moreover, open weekends make sure that you get in touch at your suitable time. Plenty of employed folks appreciate these extended hours as they can pick a day and hour of their choosing.

Our Other Services

  • Nanny
  • Baby Sitter
  • Elder Care
  • House Keeper
  • Drivers
  • Sales
  • Cashier
  • Nails
  • Threading
  • Restaurant
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Waiter
  • Waitress
  • Hostess
  • Construction
  • Subway
  • 7-11 Store
  • Gas Station
  • Office Job
  • Deli Grocery
  • Delivery
  • Sales
  • And any kind of job

Does Rupa deliver more than you expect?

They want all their temporary and regular staff tested for harmful substances. We facilitate these tests by establishing seamless communication between the companies and the local labs.

We perform the groundwork for a sustainable competitive edge for the clients. Our consultation and talent hunt services track down the best candidates and place them at the most suitable jobs. As a consequence, the organizations run smoothly without going through the rough terrain of employee sourcing.

Contract staffing, direct hire, executive search, outsourcing and consultation are some our choicest services in this respect. All small, medium and large enterprises in NYC set their eyes on our list of candidates before going for the final call. Rupa Employment Agency takes pride in our comprehensive knowledge in the current as well as future job market trends. Detailed research together with years of experience significantly puts us ahead when it boils down to sorting out optimal workforce.

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