How to Choose the Right Nanny in New York

Finding last-hour nannies and babysitters in New York has more in store than you think.

“Nobody wants to take chances when it’s about the safety of the baby.”

So, picking the nanny always comes with strings attached. No matter how experienced you are, you are still probably sweating over it. However, do not panic even if you are a newbie.

We have got you covered with plenty of practical tips on how to choose the right nanny. —  After finishing this write-up, you’ll be able to see through them just like a pro.

Reliable nanny agency

A dependable organization such as Rupa Employment Agency is your best nanny finder in NYC. These firms ensure in-depth background checks.

Highly trained nannies contact them for the top jobs. So, their candidate list is always up to date with experienced professionals. The latest list offers you superior leverage in pulling off the finest suit. Our babysitting agency is positioned at the perfect place to put forward the leading nannies in New York

Resort to your friends and family

You trust your family and friends the most and vice versa. — Naturally, you get the best nanny recommendations from them too. Ask them about the vital attributes of a nanny. Thus you trace out significant qualities and abilities you want in her. It sets you up for stunning interviews. Moreover, you can check out real quick if their nannies are interested in your offer..

Shared nanny

You may also go for a shared nanny on alternate days with a friend or colleague. Here, one nanny serves both families on a previously agreed-upon basis. — In rotation, she shows up on your workdays in the week. This is a win-win deal for both the families and the nanny.

Nanny board

A highly recommended and trustworthy nanny board solves the issue in a second. It could be your top choice in case you have no acquaintances in the town. They verify the early work experiences of the candidates and present you with the best suggestions. Family testimonials serve as their ultimate credentials.

Enquire the other parents

Your next-door neighbor could prove to be invaluable. Or some other parents that you regularly meet at the park give you great advice. They might even introduce you to a befitting nanny. For this purpose, you can exhaust the yoga class, party acquaintances as well. These people can deliver you clues about the perfect nanny.

Church-goers or religious affinity

Religious ties produce the greatest of bonds. These folks are most willing to go the extra mile to build up the relationship. You should ask them for good babysitters. — This is a nice way of establishing interpersonal connections among the faith communities. They will provide wholehearted support.

Turn to the educational institutes

College and university students often pair off against the soaring living costs by taking part-time nanny jobs. We encourage you to sort through the local colleges. You might find an optimum au pair or babysitter right there.

During vacations, you have a better chance of making a deal. Shool breaks also see a rise in pre-teen helping hands for the moms. These are energetic and enthusiastic home care candidates often eager to learn and outperform the old, professional ones.

—  Besides, there could be a cheaper bargain at stake due to their lack of job experience.

Evaluate these factors before hiring a nanny

Everyone is wary of a stranger making headway into the home. Therefore, a little preparation helps fend off unwarranted future concerns. A thorough screening involves both character and medical certifications.

Get to know or meet the caretaker in person. It sheds valuable light on how he or she interacts with the baby. Sincere interest is always visible and identifiable from essential shyness and hesitations.

Think long into the future

The babysitting job continues well into childhood from ceaselessly sleeping to endless jumping. The child will stay with that person and imitate her behavior. The nanny sets up the parameter of behavioral patterns too.

How she exerts her control and discipline on the kid has telling effects. — An outstanding nanny challenges the baby in its growth. Even better if she agrees to work for the whole family. It further solidifies the partnership.

How to conduct background checks?

The agencies give a preference list and you pick the top choices from therein. However, never blindly rely on the list. Official fact-checking pays off its dividends. Dig into her references by throwing specific questions.

Find out her undeclared off days and how she managed the outings. Run a criminal record check prior to commitment.

Rupa Employment Agency does all these tasks for you and helps you walk through the process as well.

What should I ask in a nanny interview?

Rupa Agency formulates an exhaustive interview preparation for you.


What is your experience with children?

What drove you to childcare work?

Why in childcare as opposed to other types of work?

Have you worked long-term as a regular nanny?

What is the age of the other children you cared for?

Tell us about your last childcare experience


  • What are your personal circumstances?
  • Do you have children of your own?
  • What is your hobby?
  • What television shows do you prefer?
  • How do your closest friends describe you and your personality?
  • Tell me about your childhood and your current relationship with your family. Employer relations:
  • How do you feel about working with me at home?
  • What do you feel about me suggesting how much she’s eating, sleeping, etc?
  • What are the best arrangements or rules in other households?
  • Which arrangements or rules have failed you?
  • What qualities do you prefer in an employer?
  • Do you have any pet peeves about parents or children you’ve worked for in the past?


Following the decision, make a smart offer. The average pay depends on zip code. Explore other parents on how much they are paying. —  Fix policies regarding vacations, sick days, and overtime. Arrange a spotless contract paper with the help of our experts.

The contract safeguards both you and the nanny in case of disagreements or abrupt rupture. Put the disciplinary rules in ink so that everyone remains on the same page.


Baby Nurse

The first few weeks could be a tremendous challenge with an infant. The parents are usually awestruck with loads of care and lack of rest together with physical and mental pressures. So many parents can go over the edge with a little nudge. A baby nurse exclusively fits into this scenario with an extra pair of hands during these testing times.

What is a baby nurse?

A baby nurse is simply an expert in infant care and a great help for the parents in overcoming the hurdles of the first few weeks after the baby is born. She is also called a night nurse, newborn care specialist, or overnight caregiver. Normally, they attend to the baby’s needs at night but may be requested to stay round the clock too.

We should bear in mind that despite being called a ‘nurse, they may or may not show up with a license or registration on medical training. They are however versed in the development and care of the baby. 

What does a baby nurse do?

A night nurse feeds the baby and changes it. The primary goal is to allow the parents to have their much-needed rest. So, the nurse is expected to conduct all kinds of baby-related tasks in order to make sure the parents are not disturbed in any way.

She helps set up sound sleeping and feeding habits of the infant. A night nurse is an expert in soothing the baby and thus keeps the environment free of constant cries. She bathes and changes the child as per requirement. They can provide CPR and special needs related assistance to the infant as well. The family gets habituated to a certain schedule thanks to her immense assistance.

How much is the cost of a baby nurse?

Usually, the hourly rate of a night nurse stands between $25-$45. Depending on the service area, the cost may significantly fluctuate. For example, you will even be charged $80 in many metropolitan cities.



CPR certification is the primary requirement for nanny jobs. One may wonder about its vitality for a nanny. We are going to explore the issue in detail.

What is CPR?

CPR stands for ‘cardiopulmonary resuscitation’. It is performed in order to revive spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person. This emergency manual process combines chest compressions together with occasional artificial ventilation. CPR retains brain functions until professional medical attention arrives. Cardiac arrest and choking patients demand immediate CPR. But for gasping patients, one should not perform CPR unless the airway blocking object has been removed first.

Why is CPR necessary?

CPR training is a genuine life-saving technique that sustains blood flow to the heart and brain during an emergency situation. A timely one has the potential of saving anyone’s life including a child, your relatives, or a stranger.

Why is CPR training necessary for nannies?

Not only nannies but also a career in medicine, law enforcement, coaching, and athletic training, lifeguard, jail, flight attendance, firefighting, etc need sound training on CPR. Nannies are exclusively related to the kids by profession and death is less than a minute away from a choking child.

If something like this happens, most probably there will be no additional hands for you to ask for help from. A sound CPR training and certification can effectively bring in laurel of success to your career. Moreover, your interview will expect an elaborate explanation in this regard. Remember the family is only looking for the most reliable hands to take care of their child.


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