Contract Details

Nanny contract inevitably leads to a better understanding and superior level of cooperation between the nanny and the family. It clarifies the areas of responsibilities and the scopes of payments and privileges. As the requirements of the babies undergo significant changes over a period of time, the contract helps outline the boundaries of expectations and clears confusion. You can come up with a nanny contract all by yourself by taking federal and state laws into account. Moreover, someone with a legal background may pitch in a few legal insights if necessary.

What is nanny contact?

A nanny contract binds both the parties including the family and the nanny into a compelling agreement that elaborates spheres and expectations of the parties. It also incorporates detailed descriptions regarding wages, responsibilities, schedules, overtime, health insurance, house rules, nanny cam setups, and so on. Nanny contract mainly ensures protection of the nanny rights.

What are the nanny contract details?

There are several dimensions you need to include into the agreement. Though it is highly unlikely, this agreement paper will serve as a vital piece of evidence if a litigation issue suddenly pops up. So, you need to be thorough and clear as much as possible. We are going to list those aspects.

Nanny contract details

  • Date
  • Name of the involved parties
  • Addresses
  • Start date
  • Workdays
  • Work location
  • Basic work schedule
  • Job responsibilities
  • Names of the children in question
  • Signature of the respective parties
  • House rules inspiring the nanny to do things or stopping her from taking specific actions
  • Guidelines regarding the use of the residence and properties of the employer
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Taxes
  • Health insurance
  • Paid vacations
  • Additional responsibilities

Contract Details