Frequently Asked Questions

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It has already been 16 years since we have been involved in the nanny business. We have served up to 55 thousand people until now. All the families in Indian and Nepali communities know us very well. This is why they come to us when in need of a suitable job.

I am from Nepal and consequently, I know Nepali, Tibetan and Bhutanese people by heart. I am well acquainted with their background and I can vouch for their work ethic. If we select a person for you, the candidate is, without any doubt, honest and reliable. They may lack one or two requirements set by the employer but never do they fall short in trustworthiness. This is why we recruit nannies from these communities and families also approach us for utmost reliability.

Rupa inquires into their native whereabouts in Nepal including their address, past behavioral records, the occupation of their family members and so on. We immediately verify the veracity of that information as Nepal is a small country. It barely takes us any time or effort to find out the authenticity of the information provided by the jobseeker. We maintain contact all over the country with this specific goal in mind.

Families can squarely put their trust on Rupa Employment Agency for two obvious reasons. First of all, we are from Nepal and we are an honest nation. Second, Rupa conducts its own verification in order to ensure the authenticity of the candidates.

Employers will enjoy an exclusive access to Rupa Employment Agency if they are intending on paying nanny as per state and city rules. They must agree on several job aspects including minimum 8-10 hours a day, sick leaves, leave on major holidays and paid vacations. For live-in nannies, the duty time cannot exceed 10 hours a day. On the opposite, our live-out nannies expect to put in 8-10 hours a day with a minimum of 8 hours. The employer has to stick to this timeframe.


Fluctuation in the hours may trigger corroborating payment issues. For example, more than 10 hours will automatically add overtime rates which is 1.5 times than that of regular hourly rates. Besides if the family has 2 or 3 kids, the payment rates will significantly vary. Additionally, the family has to pay transportation fares in case the nanny is bound for home. It applies to both live-in and live-out nannies. Nanny also deserves two weeks of paid vacation. For more information, one can check out our terms and conditions page elaborating all these issues.

Some families want simple nanny experiences such as cooking, deep housekeeping, childcare, etc. There are families with newborn kids and toddlers and they look for a helping hand in this respect. Families are quite unwilling to teach a newcomer with all those tidbits. It takes both time and effort on their part and they are averse to the idea of hiring an inexperienced jobseeker. Nannies with 2-3 years of experience together with great references are always the top choices.

Yes, that is called a part time job in this profession. People have all kinds of demands such as 2-3 days, 4-5 hours or things like these. One can also hire live-out nannies for 4-5 hours per day.

No problem there at all. The family comes up with their requirements and we give them a price.

Usually, monthly agreements bring in more money. However, it is very difficult to find a monthly nanny as they have their own family and responsibilities. In fact, it is weekly agreements that in average, pay the most. Live-in jobs are very hard for anyone as it demands 7 days of toil. Contrarily, live-out nannies can enjoy 1 or 2 weekly off days.

It depends on the circumstances. There are safety clauses for nannies to address these problems as well. If a conflict arises between nanny and the employer and it includes physical or sexual harassment, state law presents ample scope for the victim to file a complaint. The matter will be resolved in the court.