Nannies are household employees and must be paid wages instead of a salary. Actually, they are not independent contractors and ask for an hourly payment on their service. The nannies receive weekly payments based on the hours they put in the job.

How much to pay a nanny?

There are several issues bearing upon the payment of the nanny. Let’s take a look at them.

  • According to the INA (International Nanny Association) survey, the nanny hourly rate stands at $19.14.
  • The overtime rate goes 1.5 times the standard amount. The minimum weekly work hour must be at least 40 for a full-time nanny calling a flat payment rate. For example, if she works for 50 hours at $20 an hour, the weekly calculation goes like this-



Total = $1300 

  • Usually, the rate undergoes noticeable fluctuations due to a variation in terms of service location, number of children, experience, training, responsibilities and schedules. The certifications include CPR, special need care, first aid, and so on. Besides, the more years she works, the higher the wage rises. You are going to pay a higher amount for 2 children if you measure the cost against a single baby. In addition, locations such as Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles could ask for bigger bucks than any other areas in the country because of essentially higher living costs.
  • The payment takes into account taxes and health insurance as well.
  • Live-in nannies get access to living quarters, telephone, food, and so on.
  • They are also entitled to paid vacations.


Nanny Basic Payments