With an unending stream of revelations and studies over the years, nanny jobs are seeing dynamic changes. The dramatic changes in economic and social conditions are playing their parts in introducing new developments in this sector. The recent trends also speak up for it. Industry insiders talk candidly about their experience in this respect. We have conducted our own research and we are going to focus our attention to the recent trends in this profession.

  • Rise in demand for special needs care nannies demonstrate a general awareness among parents about the extraordinary requirements of their special children. It indicates a social acceptance to a preferential treatment for those kids.
  • Shared nannies are rather the latest thing for the families looking for effective ways to reduce the costs of raising a kid. Two families are quite often sharing the same nanny at the same time. It gives the children a chance for social interaction as well under greater care.
  • On a short term scale, the global COVID crisis has caused economic downfall and led many families to lay off their nannies. Usually, the single families are seen to be doing this and opting for shared nannies therein. They simply cannot afford it anymore due to economic strains as pointed out by our Senior Placement Manager Robert Hull. 
  • Our nannies also discuss their experience in serving an increasing number of dads. They were previously used to mostly interacting with the moms. The parents are actually more open to shuffling their responsibilities depending on the circumstances. Career objectives and economic goals are also impacting their decisions.
  • Nannies are taking over ever more household responsibilities including cleaning, dishwashing and so on. Recent rise in the use of smartphones and greater involvement in the online world has contributed to a general reluctance in performing household chores as observed by most of our nannies.
  • Male nannies, often called mannies, are a hyper modern trend in this sector and our agency also notices it.
  • Keeping in line with the past records, non-smokers, CPR and first aid certified nannies are top choices irrespective of other prerequisites.


Recent Trends