The first few weeks could be a tremendous challenge with an infant. The parents are usually awestruck with loads of care and lack of rest together with physical and mental pressures. So many parents can go over the edge with a little nudge. A baby nurse exclusively fits into this scenario with an extra pair of hands during these testing times.

What is a baby nurse?

A baby nurse is simply an expert in infant care and a great help for the parents in overcoming the hurdles of the first few weeks after the baby is born. She is also called a night nurse, newborn care specialist, or overnight caregiver. Normally, they attend to the baby’s needs at night but may be requested to stay round the clock too.

We should bear in mind that despite being called a ‘nurse, they may or may not show up with a license or registration on medical training. They are however versed in the development and care of the baby. 

What does a baby nurse do?

A night nurse feeds the baby and changes it. The primary goal is to allow the parents to have their much-needed rest. So, the nurse is expected to conduct all kinds of baby-related tasks in order to make sure the parents are not disturbed in any way.

She helps set up sound sleeping and feeding habits of the infant. A night nurse is an expert in soothing the baby and thus keeps the environment free of constant cries. She bathes and changes the child as per requirement. They can provide CPR and special needs related assistance to the infant as well. The family gets habituated to a certain schedule thanks to her immense assistance.

How much is the cost of a baby nurse?

Usually, the hourly rate of a night nurse stands between $25-$45. Depending on the service area, the cost may significantly fluctuate. For example, you will even be charged $80 in many metropolitan cities.