CPR certification is the primary requirement for nanny jobs. One may wonder about its vitality for a nanny. We are going to explore the issue in detail.

What is CPR?

CPR stands for ‘cardiopulmonary resuscitation’. It is performed in order to revive spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person. This emergency manual process combines chest compressions together with occasional artificial ventilation. CPR retains brain functions until professional medical attention arrives. Cardiac arrest and choking patients demand immediate CPR. But for gasping patients, one should not perform CPR unless the airway blocking object has been removed first.

Why is CPR necessary?

CPR training is a genuine life-saving technique that sustains blood flow to the heart and brain during an emergency situation. A timely one has the potential of saving anyone’s life including a child, your relatives, or a stranger.

Why is CPR training necessary for nannies?

Not only nannies but also a career in medicine, law enforcement, coaching, and athletic training, lifeguard, jail, flight attendance, firefighting, etc need sound training on CPR. Nannies are exclusively related to the kids by profession and death is less than a minute away from a choking child.

If something like this happens, most probably there will be no additional hands for you to ask for help from. A sound CPR training and certification can effectively bring in laurel of success to your career. Moreover, your interview will expect an elaborate explanation in this regard. Remember the family is only looking for the most reliable hands to take care of their child.