At Rupa Employment Agency, we provide nanny training, CPR training, baby nursing training and so on. We have partnerships with some other companies with this aim in mind. We will be imparting these training sessions either all by ourselves or in partnership with those reliable entities.

What are the vital aspects of our nanny training?

The training sheds light on who a nanny is and how she performs her job with the children in line with the family requirements. We also focus on the limitations of her job in the family. We adequately demarcate the differences between a nanny and a baby nurse. Rupa Employment Agency experts provide training on foster care and AED training as well. Once a fresher completes her training as a nanny, they will be placed on a job.

Do you immediately place a newcomer nanny on a job? Or does she need to take the training first?

First of all, Rupa Employment Agency measures her professional qualifications. We will inquire into her on-field experience as  well as depth of professional skills. If they satisfy our prerequisites, we send them to a job. Anything otherwise will automatically call for a comprehensive training session.

Why is training vital for a newcomer?

Taking care of children is no easy task. One must follow a wide range of safety measures, protocols and rules of the state as well as the city. Moreover, some are infants and some are a little older. Depending on this age variation, a nanny has to master different sets of knowledge and skills along with how to use those skills in different situations.

If the children are older than 5 years, the nanny may be responsible for their education too. They also have to take care of behavioral issues such as anxiety disorder, depression, learning disorders, conduct disorders and so on. Most importantly, she must consider the safety, hygiene and health aspects of the children. All these care programs demand vast competence to come up with an instant solution when a situation steps on your door. 

Have Rupa Employment Agency outlined any special instructions for nannies during this pandemic?

As the COVID pandemic hit the USA, we closed down the Agency for 2-3 months and then opened it by placing some must-follow restrictions. The jobseekers or nanny must wear masks prior to entering this institution and maintain social distance and personal hygiene guidelines. 

On the other hand, most of the families are asking about the COVID situation. They are also concerned about whether the nanny is in some way exposed to the virus or showing symptoms of it. So, the nannies must be screened before they are sent out to a family for a job. Rupa Employment Agency undertakes necessary precautions in order to ensure the safest possible environment for all parties. We are highly vigilant in this regard.

What qualifications do you look for in a nanny? Or can anyone be a nanny?

Not everyone can perform as a nanny. The first thing is of course her previous experience in the job. Then we look for references from valid and reliable employers. At this time, we ask for the requirements of the employer. If she has no experience, we will not introduce her to a family. 

However, the families are sometimes okay with the rookies. But that is an entirely different scenario. It primarily depends on the client preconditions. Jobseekers must undergo our rigorous screening process. Many candidates show up with their dedicated hard work in the past. We always prefer them.

On the other hand, there are exclusively qualified nannies who pursue only high paying jobs. We usually put them in a waiting list. Whenever a family requests for special qualifications without any restriction on payments, we put these nannies forward.

Occasionally the employers may ask for freshers with minimum competence or a certain set of skills. They also give hints on how much money they are going to spend. We pit these client provided outlines against those of our jobseekers. Whoever matches the list, gets an interview with the family.

Training & Qualification