Nanny jobs immensely vary in terms of capacity, certifications and timing. So, both families and nannies can explore a lot of options suiting their exclusive goals. There is a well acquainted terminological standard helping you in this respect. Let’s check out the types of nanny for you.

Live-in nanny

Employers avail a living quarter, furnished room along with telephone for a live-in nanny as she lives there. She is available for 5 days a week and receives a weekly payment. There are specified free times. Live-in nannies are intimately involved with the children.

Live-out nanny

Live-out nannies still follow the same job description as the live-in nannies but the additional perks are gone. They perform their duties and leave at the end of the day. 

Nanny housekeeper

Nanny housekeepers take care of extra house duties apart from looking after the baby. They can be either live-in or live-out annies based on the contract. 

Special needs care

They study the special needs of the babies and are versed in tending to needs of a special one. Usually, they bring in additional certifications, vast experience with strong educational backgrounds in dealing with special needs. Both educational and development goals trigger the parents to look for one of these nannies.

Part-time nanny

This is exactly what it sounds like. There is barely a fixed schedule or there is a timeframe but it does not require the nanny to appear every work day of the week or the nanny shows up for a part of the day for example, after school time. The job description is similar to a regular nanny. But they enjoy higher payment than that of their regular counterparts.

Maternity nanny

Maternity nannies are baby and toddler specialists. However, their work field is not exclusively restricted to such a family. Maternity nannies are of high demand among families with multiple children. They are highly experienced and command a higher wage.

Summer nanny

Summer nannies agree on serving the family for full summer and they can be employed on a part time, live-in or live-out basis.

Shared nanny

Two families may share the same nanny. Thus the family slashes down the costs, the nanny makes bigger bucks and the kids enjoy the enjoyable social interaction.

Holiday nanny

Job holder parents know that a holiday does not necessarily mean an altogether free day at all. Rather, there will be more to accomplish within these days to prepare for the upcoming week or post-vacation period. They need holiday nannies for temporary support. The nature of the tasks has a telling effect upon their payment.

Night nanny

Night nannies are useful for allowing you a break at night because you are simply too tired or out all night to attend a job.

Male nanny

All boy families may have to think out of the box as boys want intense physical sports. Or you got heavier tasks ahead. Seek for a male nanny.


Two nannies attend to the same family either at the same time or at alternate times.

Types of Nanny