On a simple note, nanny job description sounds all the same. In reality, it can vary tremendously from one home to another. The essential goal is to create a congenial environment and set up a smoothly functioning partnership. The responsibilities of a nanny are directed to lay out the groundwork for both safety and development of the child.

The primary duties of the nanny revolve around-

  • Feeding, bathing and sending the baby off to the bed
  • Changing diapers, preparing bottles and hygiene
  • Child’s laundry
  • Cooking meals including breakfast, lunch as you may need to accompany the baby across the day
  • Sanitation of the places used by the child
  • Cleanliness of the toys and equipment of the child
  • Grocery shopping may also fall in line. Busy parents occasionally ask for it
  • Going places with the kid including school, swimming pool, library
  • Going to the parks and playgrounds
  • Facilitating sports and brain stimulating activities
  • Assisting with the lessons to some extent
  • Household errands including picking up around the house, making family dinner, doing parent’s bed and so on

Notably, all these tasks are previously agreed upon by both the parties. Not all homes look for all these services at a time. The age of the child, the overall home condition, family structure and parent’s occupation play a significant role in determining what services they are going to opt for. 

What Are the Responsibilities of a Nanny