A nanny is an employed individual who is basically responsible for taking care of the children largely in an unsupervised homely environment. The development and well being of the child is of course a concern of the nanny. However, the job is not entirely restricted to overseeing the child as they may occasionally have to perform in the capacity of housekeepers and personal chefs as well.

Usually, nannies look after the children in absence of the parents who are occupied with their jobs or other engagements. They are also expected to stimulate physical, mental and emotional growth of the child. The job may be either live-in or live-out basis. Becoming a nanny calls for some certifications including professional training and childcare credentials.

This is in fact a well paid job and live-in jobs pave way to outstanding living conditions. However, if you want to stick to this profession in the long run, you must have a great tenderness for the kids in general. We should keep in mind that a nanny and a babysitter are different in that the nanny shows up at her job everyday. Nannies are highly engaged with the family while the bab

Who a Nanny Is