Why should one trust Rupa?

Rupa is a professional employment agency and carries a reputation in the Nepalese community here in New York. We can screen and assess the family background of anyone coming from Nepal or adjacent regions regarding his or her reliability no matter which corner of the country they are from. How they were doing in Nepal, their family positions, societal relationships and everything else appears in our strict verification procedure. Besides, if the employment seeker has had a shot in a previous job and committed something wrong with the family or the employer, we can tackle the situation by consulting both the family and the employee.

So, management of job placement is not easy. What do you say?

Whatever happens in the job, the responsibility falls on our shoulders. So, it is not an easy job. It requires overall tactfulness and careful management.

Why would the Rupa Employment Agency do it, for money or to help people?

Our primary goal is to help people and not earn money. We feel overjoyed when someone manages to have a job. Actually, we consider ourselves human resource experts. Even back in the days in Nepal, we used to facilitate Nepali migrants with jobs in the USA and the Gulf countries.

In short, we know how to assess the qualifications of a person as well as the dealing techniques with the employers, communities, and the jobseekers. As a consequence, we have continued with our profession in job placement arriving here in the USA. A long history of experience backs up our claim of excellence in this field.

What Nepali norms and cultural aspects should reflect in newcomers as you send them over to a family?

Rupa Employment Agency does not advise anyone to stick to their Nepalese traditions. Initially, we make it clear to them that this is in fact America and your job is to carefully listen to each of the instructions your employer gives you. Moreover, you must brace yourself for active duties spanning 10-12 hours at a stretch. You have to learn things pretty quickly using your wit and intellect.

The striking similarity between kitchen, bathroom, and house structure in America and Nepal cannot be ignored. However, costly furniture and equipment in an American house may be considered as the only difference. The maintenance procedure also illustrates some variations. But you can easily learn the tricks over time if you stringently follow the employer guidelines. You must be prepared to put in 10-12 busy hours and only then you are going to excel in the profession. But if you spend time scrolling Facebook pages or sitting at the table, you will end up gaining nothing. In America, you must work tirelessly and prove yourself thereby.